Three Hedgehogs and Other Oddities

I’m promoting my new blog.  It is featuring genealogy and family history.  My tag line is “a creative response to my family roots and genealogy.”   This is true!  I can’t imagine reading lists of family members and dates–how boring for those not interested in genealogy!  But most people love stories.  I think the beginnings of my interest in family stories came from my maternal grandmother.  She loved to tell stories about different people, several of them long gone while others with gray, bent over and faded.  To hear about them licking flag poles in the dead of winter or being chased by bulls in a field was highly entertaining.  So, give my second blog a try!  Here is the link:  Best of all, subscribe and you won’t miss a single entry!  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Three Hedgehogs and Other Oddities

  1. Your new blog sounds like it will be so fascinating!

    My daughter just had to research a family member for her history class, and she chose my mom’s father. What a story he had-falling off a roof, being shot, run over by a car and attacked by a cow-all before the age of 20!

    History-especially family history-is definitely worth learning about and sharing!

  2. I absolutely believe that! My granddaughter craves those stories. My daughters do too, which is why I love telling them and I’m writing them down too. This is the legacy I will leave my family, especially since I can’t leave them money! LOL

    Thanks for your comment.

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